Famous Queensland teen

A Toowoomba teenage known online for his array of football-bending tricks and shots has landed himself a new legion of fans – world famous Real Madrid and its 106 million social media followers. 

A compilation of Jed Hockin’s best trick shots was uploaded to the Spanish club’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts in early January.

Since then, it has been viewed a combined six million times across platforms.

For the 18-year-old, it’s the ultimate recognition.

“I thought, ‘if I made a football trick shot video in my Real Madrid shirt would they share it on social media?’,” he said. 

“So I made it and sent it to them. They got back to me very quickly saying they’d post it.”

Another two weeks went by before they video went online.

“You don’t see that happen. They shared it and from there everything went ballistic,” Mr Hockin said.

“The first three hours of the video going onto their Instagram it had one million views already, so it was unreal really.”

YOUTUBE: Jed Hockin football trick shots on Youtube.

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By Anna MacDonald and Patrick Williams